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Ciao a tutti and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I’m sure you all know this anyway, but the 25th annual Leeds International Film Festival started yesterday. It runs until 20th November and, amongst some of the brilliant films on offer this year (I’m especially excited about the original 1925 version of the Phantom of the Opera that is showing for FREE in the town hall), is L’Enfer, which is a dark tale loosely based on Dante’s Inferno. It’s showing at the Vue cinema in The Light on Wednesday 9th and Saturday 12th November, and will be preceded by a short talk (from our very own Ruth Chester!) about how the film compares to Dante’s work. Tickets start from £5 and you can buy them by clicking HERE.

I don’t have any form of authority inasmuch as I can’t promise that you’ll get any extra marks on your essays for going to see the film, but it’ll definitely bank you a few Brownie points for sure! If anyone wants to officially review the film for the Dante Diaries then get in touch – you don’t have to be a film buff or a Dante expert, just be opinionated!

Sarah x


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