Dante in your ears…

Sorry I’ve been a bit lax with blog posts recently… I’ve been working *really* hard (honestly…) on my PhD research, whilst also juggling a couple of other jobs…

While I was at work yesterday, I was helping my friend (Rach – she’ll want a name check) find some audio books for her Dad for Christmas, so that she could exploit my 40% staff discount. Amongst the delights of audio versions of An Idiot Abroad, Alan Partridge, John le Carré, et al, I found a full, non-abridged, 4 CD set of Dante’s Commedia. Immediately I felt compelled to own it because, being quite a lazy reader, I figured I could learn all I needed to know whilst lying down, closing my eyes, and passively listening to my iPod. I was all set to march over to the till and purchase said audio book when I turned it over and saw the price – £47.99. Ouch. Even with my discount, that’s a fair whack to fork out this close to Christmas.

But never fear, dantisti, being a thrify Yorkshire-woman, I’ve found a way around this!

On YouTube, almost all of the cantos are available in audio format. Like this one:

Then, once you have the link to the vid, you can go onto a website (which my housemate’s über-cool sister, Jazz, showed us), called YouTube converter (you can access it by clicking HERE) and convert it into an MP3 file, which you can then pop onto your iPod/generic MP3 device! Admittedly, when I first discovered this, Dante possibly wasn’t the first thing that I converted to MP3… He was waaaay behind Rihanna’s new album (I know I’m an indie kid, but she is my ULTIMATE girl crush ♥).

ENJOY THE GIFT OF FREE (and I believe, legal?) MUSIC THIS CHRISTMAS! (And maybe listen to Dante too?)

Sarah x

p.s. In case you’re wondering, Rihanna’s album is pretty damn brilliant but v.risqué so I probably wouldn’t listen to it if your grandparents are round for a casual Christmas drink… S x


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