Dear AHRC, thanks for realising that Dante is totally ace and worth investing in.

I have been bursting to blog about this news for WEEKS but have faithfully kept my mouth shut until it was all official. BUT NOW IT’S ALL OFFICIAL!!!

The Leeds Centre for Dante Studies has been awarded a mahooosive £974,000 from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (thanks guys!) to fund a really exciting research project on Dante and Theology. The project will be a collaboration between Leeds, Warwick, and Notre Dame and kicks off next month.

The official story and all the details about the project are available on the University website, which you can access by clicking HERE, but I just wanted to give my reaction (none of what I say should ever be considered “official” by the way…) and say a huge great-big massive CONGRATULATIONS to Matthew and Claire for bagging the big-bucks!

The good news for all you Dante-enthusiasts out there is that the project will also be funding two postdoctoral positions AND will create two PhD scholarships, which, as I have learnt the hard way, are few and far between in the current economic climate.

EEEEEE! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about all of this!!

S x


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