Launch of Seminar Series: Thursday 19th April, 5pm.

Dr. Anna Pegoretti, Newton International Fellow in the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies, is organising a series of seminars over the course of 2012. Anna will be introducing her seminar series  THIS THURSDAY (19th April) at 5pm in Room 3 of the Leeds Humanities Research Institute.

The first session, “The Franciscan Order and the Origins of Italian Literature” will take place on April 26th and will include papers from Matteo Leonardi (independent scholar) and Giuseppe Mazzotta (Yale). Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Professor Mazzotta will be appearing via a live videoconference stream. Clever.

Anna’s seminar series on early Italian literature is closely linked to the ‘Dante and Medieval Florence’ project which has recently been awarded funding by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and promises to be absolutely brilliant.

The seminars are open to anyone, and there is no need to register beforehand. You can contact Anna on for further information on the series.

The University press release on the project can be found by clicking HERE.


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