Three Evenings in Dante’s Florence

Leeds Centre for Dante Studies is pleased to announce a series of public lectures, which will each investigate a different aspect of Florentine life in the year 1300. The first of these lectures – “Community: Entering Religious and Civic Life”  – takes place on 14th November 2012 at 6pm in Conference Auditorium 2.

The lectures are free to attend and open to anyone. Live-Tweeters and bloggers are also welcome. Let’s get #leedsdante trending!




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2 responses to “Three Evenings in Dante’s Florence

  1. Emma Marigliano

    Hello – I’ve just come across this and, firstly, THANK YOU for describing me as “the loveliest librarian in all the land” – my talk on 20th Century Visual Dante earlier in the year (hope you enjoyed it). Secondly I really like the site – why wouldn’t I? Thirdly, I shall certainly follow you on Facebook – I’m not too clever with Twitter. I talk too much to appreciate brevity.
    If I ever get the time to pick up my MPhil again I think I’d like to explore the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies.
    And … I love your images. I’m sure you know I collect them – in , illustrated editions and wherever I can find them, including living artists (known or unknown).

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