Dan Brown’s “Inferno”

Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, unleashed his new novel Inferno upon readers today and, as you have probably guessed from its title (if not from the massive publicity campaign that has accompanied the run-up to its release), the story is based on the first canticle of Dante’s Commedia. As the fourth book in Brown’s hugely popular Robert Langdon series, Inferno has a lot to live up to, not least because of its resonances with one of the most famous texts of all time. Dante-scholar, A.N. Wilson, reviewing the book for the Daily Mail, claims Brown’s new novel is ‘twaddle, but at least it’s entertaining twaddle’. However Professor Stephen Milner (Manchester University) took to the airwaves today to discuss the latest Dante-inspired work of fiction, and spoke rather less disparagingly of the American author’s latest offering.

Whatever your thoughts on Dan Brown’s Inferno, it has certainly sparked a renewed interest in Dante. Hopefully we’ll have a massive influx of new medievalists in the not-so-distant future, inspired by Professor Robert Langdon’s investigations.

Listen again to the Radio 5 Live interview with Professor Milner here (scroll to 1:46:00)


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  1. Richard Webster

    I first found out that the next DB blockbuster was on its way through a small item in Firenze (glossy Florentine magazine) whilst visiting Florence last month – (first time and 8 days at full trot was not enough).
    I am happy and scared for Florence this summer.Happy for the Florentine economy,the leather market,ice cream vendors,hotels and museums.Scared because there will be a true Dante’s Inferno of hellish summer tourism,- a further circle of hell which will be made deeper by Mr Brown.
    Like you,I hope that the new Inferno atleast inspires renewed interest in Dante and european medieval culture to the benefit of the Leeds Centre for Dante Studies of course.
    There’s an interesting small exhibition on Giotto and “Company”currently on at the Louvre.Is he in DB’s latest too ,I wonder!?

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