Helpful Bibliography

I’ve put together a little list of helpful sources which might come in useful for your Dante-related academic conundrums. It’s by no means exhaustive, so don’t rely completely on it; it’s intended as a starting point only.


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Literary Studies
  • Ahern, John, ‘The New Life of the Book: the Implied Reader of the Vita Nuova’, in Dante Studies, 110 (1992), 1-16
  • Baronlini, Teodolinda, Dante and the origins of Italian literary culture (New York : FordhamUniversity Press, 2006)
    — Dante’s poets: textuality and truth in the Comedy (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1984)
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  • Jacoff, Rachel, The Cambridge companion to Dante, 2nd edn. (Cambridge: CUP, 2007) – available online  for free HERE (login with your University username and password)

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