Upcoming Events

Throughout 2012…

Dr Anna Pegoretti, our Newton International Fellow and general good-egg, will be organising a series of international seminars throughout 2012. The seminars will take place in the LCDS and will include talks from some of the world’s most respected academics working within Italian studies.

Speakers in the series will include: Giuseppe Mazzotta (Yale University); Davide Bolognesi (Columbia University); Nicholas Haveley (University of York); Michelle M. Mulchahey (Toronto Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies); Nicolò Maldina (University of Pisa); Lina Bolzoni (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa); Rene Hernandez-Vera (University of Leeds).

See the University website’s official publication of the news by clicking HERE and keep an eye on the blog for the latest news.

Friday 26th October

The third and final session of Anna’s seminar series takes place on Friday, with guest speakers Lina Bolzoni (Pisa) and Nicolo Maldina (Leeds). The seminar will take place at 5pm in the Council Chambers (first floor in the Parkinson Building). All welcome.

Thursday 8th November and Thursday 22nd November

As part of a joint project, Leeds Centre for Dante Studies is teaming up with Cambridge University and and the University of Notre Dame to run a series of seminars on Dante’s Commedia. We will connect via videolink and discuss aspects of the poem.  All those interested in attending should contact Matthew Treherne at m.treherne@leeds.ac.uk or ‘Like’ us on Facebook for up-to-date information about the project.

Three Evenings in Dante’s Florence

Leeds Centre for Dante Studies is pleased to announce a series of public lectures, which will each investigate a different aspect of Florentine life in the year 1300.

The first of these lectures – “Community: Entering Religious and Civic Life”  – takes place on 14th November 2012 in Conference Auditorium 2, and will begin at 6pm.


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